Beef Share - Booking Advance

Available Beef Qurbani on the occaison of Eid Al Adha.  


Cost Per Pound: $5.49 (Whole Beef: hanging weight)

One Beef Qurbani consists of 7 Qurbani Shares

Estimated Weight Range Per Share: 70 - 80 lbs

Estimated Price Range: $375 - $450


To make your Beef Qurbani Share Booking, pay an advance of $100.00 

Last Date to Book: July 16th (Friday).

Final Price will be determined based on the weight of the beef share.  


Meat available on 2nd or 3rd day of Eid (July 21st or 22nd).


We work with local charity organizations to help customers distribute Qurbani Meat as per your instructions.


Shipping & Delivery of Qurbani Meat is Available to Eastern to MidWest States of United States. Contact us for more details.

Beef Share - Booking Advance